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Posted By Harolene

I saw something recently that made me want to investigate the word that came to mind, the Vulture. I found it interesting that a group of vultures sitting in trees waiting for a kill are called a "committee", when they are feeding they are called a "wake", when they are flying they are called a "kettle". From the information I read vultures don't usually attack healthy animals but will kill one that is wounded or sick. I guess the committee looks around and sees something that is taking its last breath, on its last legs so to speak and then they go and have themselves a wake.

There iImages a couple that I have seen around the neighborhood although they were never friendly enough to return a wave or speak in the grocery store when I saw them still they were a part of every day life. They worked in their yard and brought beautiful stones in to make a flower garden, where both of their ashes were scattered I might add, and she had a small house called a "Victoria's Folly", I don't know why, where I assume she read or maybe did crafts, whatever she did it always intrigued me and I wished I could see the inside of it and further than that wished I had a little place of my own like that to slip into to read or write. The yard was really a picture with so many interesting things to look at as we rode by. This couple died this summer within about 6 weeks of each other and since they had no family or children had a friend that lives in another state that arrived to settle their estate. I have heard that she is going to let the property go back to the bank to keep from making payments on it but for the past two days I have watched as a committee has descended and are having themselves a grand wake. Everything in the yard has been dismantled and carried off, even the beautiful light fixtures and the wooden frame around the beautiful little folly, which is also missing the proud little weather vane that turned with the wind that was perched on the roof of that tiny structure. Included in this feast is even the generator, which was connected to the house for electrical emergencies. It has nothing to do with me, true, but when I went out on my deck and saw them feverishly feeding on all that those people had worked on to make beautiful it made me sick to my stomach, literally wanted to throw up.

I probably wouldn't take it so hard if I hadn't seen this happen in my life time, no not the dismantling of a home, but the feeding on a person whose life has taken a turn for the worse because of sickness, scandal, getting into trouble of some sort. I have seen the committee sitting in trees and the moment someone is down and they look too weak to stand on their on the wake is on and it is all over but the squawking and the whole kettle flying into the wild blue yonder to become a committee watching for another victim. It is said that Christians are the only army in the whole world that kill their wounded. It is not what we are taught by the scriptures.

Posted By Harolene

Galatians 6:1-3 "Live creatively, friends. If someone falls into sin, forgivingly restore him, saving your critical comments for yourself. You might be needing forgiveness before the day’s out. Stoop down and reach out to those who are oppressed. Share their burdens, and so complete Christ’s law. If you think you are too good for that, you are badly deceived."

So why do you think it is that we are so willing to dismantle our fallen brother's reputation or take his Bible class or fellowship group, whatever he was doing to serve the church? I would give you my personal opinion right here usually, but this time I really want to know from you what you think about this.

When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead He spoke to the friends standing around and told them to "loose him and let him go free". Jesus began the miracle by raising him but the friends had to take the strips of cloth and the bindings that held his arms and hands against his body away. Don't ask, I don't know why Jesus just didn't do it except that it was a lesson to us that when a person has given their life to him we care enough to help them with residual bondages to his past that threatens his life or growth in the family of God. When you are forgiven all your past is forgiven through justification by faith in Jesus but sometimes we need help breaking old habits or have problems just understanding.

When your child is learning to walk you don't throw him away when he falls down trying to learn, or if he is trying to use the potty you don't beat him and tell everyone what a bad child he is because he pees in his clothes, or do you?

Instead of joining a committee who jumps on a dying soul and has a wake be the person who "bear's his burden" and follow the lyrics of a song written by Steve Green which say "Come let us pour the oil, Come let us bind their hurt. Let's cover them with a blanket of His love, Come let us break the bread, Come let us give them rest, Let's minister to healing to them, Don't let another wounded soldier die."

Posted By Harolene

Sometimes it is better to leave something unsaid rather than say it out loud exposing yourself to a) judgment   b) ridicule c) opening a wound d) making yourself vulnerable. That list may be redundant, but I wrote it as I thought it. We are neither Jesus, John the Baptist, nor Peter or Paul. They were able to call people vipers and hypocrites but they lived lives that backed up their words. With us, we all live in glass houses so throwing stones is not only unwise, it is downright stupid.

I had a dream recently that I was watching as someone unearthed a body that had been buried, wrapped in a blanket. As I watched I was horrified at what I was seeing, and then this person lifted the body up at the shoulders and proceeded to uncover the face by just lifting the corner of the blanket, I saw the decaying face and was scared and disgusted by the sight. It was so strange that it woke me up wide awake. On thinking about what it could mean, the only thing that made sense is that this person was about to unearth something, some secret maybe that needed to remain buried. There are faults that we can confess to one another, but when it comes to sins of the flesh that people can use against us, I say keep your mouth shut. My grandfather Mushegan told me to "think 10 times before I said anything" to which I answered "Then I would never get anything said!" He had a little grin that he used on occasions like that and I got the message, just shut up!

I am handing this to you, whoever you are that might be about to tell someone something better left unsaid, unearth a secret someone else has shared with you, maybe tell some secret thing that will make money for you, you don't want to give away good things either, lest someone takes the advantage of you! It can be good or bad I just know that we all need to guard our mouth. Say as the Psalmist said in Psalms 19:14 May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 141:3 Set a guard over my mouth, O LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips.

Good advice from brother David! If you say things that you don't mind being repeated, then you don't have to worry that someone will "quote" you. I put that in quotation marks because most times the quotes are actually MIS-quotes! Put good things in, Psalm 34:1 I will bless the LORD at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth. Psalm 37:30 The mouth of the righteous speaks wisdom, And his tongue talks of justice.

I am asking you to look inside my heart and see the urgency with which I am telling you this today. I pray that God will bless you and keep you and your mouth until we meet again. Pray that He will "guard your mouth" and "keep watch over the door of your lips!" and everybody said, amen!

Posted By Harolene

A few years ago my brother, Bishop Alan Mushegan who ministers at the East West Church in Marietta, Georgia (1521 Hurt Road, 30008 (770) 435-1152, recorded an album. One of the songs, an old church him Coming Home, hit number 1 on the charts. His unwillingness to leave his congregation to travel and promote it meant that a lot o you were never exposed to it, which is a shame! For tonight I am posting now of my favorites from the album, Hold Me Jesus and I hope you take a listen to this song and then maybe go over to ITunes and download the entire album!

This song speaks my heart, Hold Me Jesus

Posted By Harolene

We all want a happy ending whether it is a fairy-tale, a movie or a novel but more especially if it is our own life we are talking about. I am not one of those who need to be in suspense about the end of a movie, I will probably try to find out how it ends before I will let myself be sucked into the plot. If you look at the “romance” movies chances are that the two principal characters will start out as “frenemies”, or people who are sparring, at odds with one another, and on different sides of every issue possible. Invariably something happens that brings them into a sphere of agreement, they realize they have chemistry and try to deny it and stay away but in the end, most times the last five minutes (that’s what keeps you watching) they will look at each other with an astonished or knowing look and boom, love comes in like the Big Bang Theory! Do we always have to have controversy before we can have a happy ending? We do if we put any credence in the imagination of novelists and the scriptwriter.

Judging from the problems I hear on a daily basis I would think that there is a great majority of us that are quite ready for our “last five minutes”, that final burst of happiness and the loud music that always means, “The End.”

It seems to me that there are not many peacemakers today and listening to the news is proof positive of that. When a National leader doesn’t speak to the people in tones of peace and a “let’s all get along” attitude it says to me maybe they want derision and division so that they can charge in and provide a solution down the line, I am thinking that before that happens it will ultimately be too late. Then I wonder how it is that people are quick to remember the faults of people who are close to them and let someone who has made a blatant public error, something like saying, concerning troops that were killed in a protest, “What difference does it make [whether American's at Benghazi died from a protest or not]?” And when asked if they had died because of a protest the answer was, “So what?” I am very sure that the families of the men that were killed and drug through the streets would say it mattered quite a lot. Yet people will forget that or dismiss blatant disregard of a law concerning, well anything I will go no further with that, and still laud these people as leaders. Lies go unchallenged, promises revoked, to which I am sure the Armenian population of this country can identify with as the incoming President had promised, in order to get the Armenian vote, a recognition of the Armenian Genocide and then reneged but no one seems to notice or if they do remain silent on the matter.

How will it end? Will the beheading of Christians continue and then suddenly we will look at the people who are doing this with a sudden realization that they are a peace-loving people who didn’t mean to do it after all?