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Posted By Harolene

The power of the mind is great, fierce, and intelligent beyond our wildest imagination. Plans of good and evil are formed in that portion of our body, and it depends on who has control of it as to what you actually do, or things you can do! 

I have seen an artist take a brush or even a knife and put oil on a canvas in a manner that became a person, or a scene from nature. They can make it so real that it looks more like a picture than a painting. That is the talent that amazes me most. It comes from a place in their mind that is talented to do that. 

I know people who are so kind they never suspect anyone of anything evil, some call that person naive', then there are those who are suspicious and mean spirited, these attitudes reflect the way they are inside of themselves.

What is in your mind? 

Do you have the mind of Christ?

Ask yourself: Do I see the beauty of a holy life as Jesus saw it? 

Do I see lost people through His eyes? 

Do I understand the eternal purpose of God with the same conviction that Jesus had?

The Apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 2:14-16 The unspiritual self, just as it is by nature, can't receive the gifts of God's Spirit. There's no capacity for them. They seem like so much silliness. Spirit can be known only by spirit—God's Spirit and our spirits in open communion. Spiritually alive, we have access to everything God's Spirit is doing, and can't be judged by unspiritual critics.

Isaiah's question, "Is there anyone around who knows God's Spirit, anyone who knows what he is doing?" has been answered: Christ knows, and we have Christ's Spirit.

Can you accept that you have His mind? 

Seems impossible, doesn't it?

We have the mind of Christ because we have the Holy Spirit in us. Since we are new creatures in Christ, our habit of mental activity needs to be like that of Christ.

Is that possible today? There are so many voices around us, speaking into our ears; we don't even realize it sometimes.

Do you ever catch yourself humming the tune of a commercial? Did you intentionally memorize it, or did it 'leak in' from the un-noticed drone of the TV? I have heard my children quote dialog along with a movie they have, obviously, watched more than once, while I couldn't help them learn English Lit for a test, or learn a passage of scripture! 

Proverbs 29:11 A fool vents all his feelings, but a wise man holds them back.

Isaiah 26:3 You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.

The choice is yours, choose to keep your mind renewed by reading His Word and keeping a positive attitude, or be petty, peevish and small minded, which will not win you any friends!       

                       Choose to have the mind of Christ!

Posted By Harolene

It’s not Valentine’s Day, not even close…that was three months ago, but I want to take a minute to talk about love.

You’re saying, “Yeah, Haro, you’ve talked about love a bunch of times… more of the same… blah blah blah, I think I’ll skip this one…” 


Don’t do that, I have something you need to hear.

I have said before that there are three types of love, and I know that I have expounded on them, but give me a minute…

               they are Eros, Filial and AgapeEros is the sensual type of love that exists between husband and wife, Filial is the love we feel for our family or close friends, and Agape is Divine love or the love of God. This is the love we must have for our fellow man, the kind of love that makes us more like God. I feel that having all three types of love in your life are important and can make you complete, but the most important of all these is the Agape, Divine, love with which we love each other. 

                                The scripture tells us that God IS love.

The love that is on my mind now may come under each of those categories, let me explain…

Without going into too many details, which could embarrass people close to me, I am the divorced mother of two, a daughter and a son. They are adults now with families of their own and I am extremely proud of them both, but when the divorce happened my son was four years old, and my daughter was fourteen. 

Their dad was an important man in the engineering field in our city, he had a brilliant mind and was highly respected…but the ravages of a disease that I can’t even explain has taken his ability to communicate and function in any normal capacity and is residing in an assisted living home so that he can have the medical help that he needs on a 24-hour basis.

I told you that to explain the situation. 

There have been a couple of times lately when his wife has been out of the country and the private nurse has had personal business to handle and there was no one to be with him as he cannot be left alone, so I went to be with him and help however I could.

When the nurses that came in to check asked about my relation to him and I told them they were surprised that I, as the ex-wife, would be willing to come and do the things for him that had to be done. I told them, “That’s what Christians do, God is love.”

As I look at him and communicate with him the best way that I can, I don’t see the hurt or pain of being left…I see a man in pain that needs someone who cares to be there, and that someone this past week was me. 

My heart felt love, again I don’t know how to explain that… when it was time for me to leave as he had been fed, taken to the bathroom and readied for bed, I was straightening the covers and pulling them up over him, I said, “Who would have ever thought we would be spending this kind of time together again?”  

I honestly wasn’t expecting an answer, not sure whether he understood me, or not…so I was surprised when he began to try to speak, I looked up at him, and he said, “I love you

My insides collapsed; I was crushed.  I leaned down with my face close to his and said, “I love you too.”

How I got home traveling down our 285 expressway is a mystery, I was crying out loud and tears were flowing so hard and fast…

Love is doing something for someone that may have hurt you, denied or abandoned you, without expectation of anything in return. My reward is heavenly, and I know I have done what God would expect of one of His children. 

Hearts and flowers? Soft music and dancing? Candlelight and romantic dinners? All that is for the lightweights of the world that want to have an emotional reaction with a physical reward at the end of the evening… Love is something else entirely, and I have experienced that now.

Thanks to Agent X who writes a wonderful blog focused on people with real needs, the homeless, and the orphaned, for giving me the courage to say this out loud. Check him out at “Fat Beggars School of Prophets” on 



Posted By Harolene

Today is Wednesday, May 4th, 2022. 

I am inundated with emotions at this moment. I sat down and looked outside at the trees, leaves full and so very green, fresh, and clean from the rain we had overnight. The air has a fresh smell, and it is making me want to disappear into the past, another time…when everything was new, full of excitement for what the future held and hope… for what…I couldn’t actually say, just hope for hope’s sake, I guess.

But mainly the thoughts that are upper most in this muddled gray matter, is the fact that Sunday will be the 8th … Mother’s Day and the anniversary of the day my dad made his transition from this world to his eternal reward in the heavenlies.

The year my parents started the little Chapel that grew into a large church, the first service was held on Tuesday, May 8, and the first Sunday was May 13th, which was Mother’s Day in 1962.

The day he died was a Wednesday and he had his lesson planned that he would have taught that night at church, he didn’t make that appointment…God had other plans for him. He died at the time we would normally be getting ready to go to church… all of that is a wonderful story in itself, but I won’t re-tell it here…it is recounted in a blog called, “My dad’s glorious day” and if you want to have a glimpse of heaven look it up and read it. I will never be afraid of death again.

The fact that he died on the anniversary of one of the happiest days of his and mother’s life, being able to start a work from which they would never have to move, made it even sweeter knowing he was having another happy day seeing the Savior who had called him from the ocean when he was 17 years old.

To say that we would honor my mother on Mother’s Day is to say we would honor them both because they were truly one… the twain became one in the truest fashion when they took their vows. She was a tower of strength for us all and for daddy… the shoulder on which he could lean…theirs was the love story of the ages.

For today I will get ready to go to the church I am currently serving in and serve on a panel that discusses the Bible in a family fashion on-line and on YouTube and know that if I continue to serve the same Lord they both spent their lives working for, I will see them again…in a place where the leaves are always freshly green and the flowers bloom without giving me an allergic reaction…

Happy anniversary in Heaven daddy and Happy Mother’s Day mother… I hope to see you soon <3 

Posted By Harolene

Have you ever looked into a kaleidoscope at the changing shapes and colors? I had one, as a little girl, and loved to turn it slowly and watch the little pieces fall into the different patterns. Looking at clouds is another time where shapes you are looking at change while you are looking at them...

this is because the wind is blowing way up where you can't see it except in the changing shapes of the clouds.

When we start our life journey as an infant our only shaping force so far is heredity.

But then we are influenced by how we are treated, the things we see and hear and sometimes our impression or “memory” of events is more real than the actual event. 

We get to a place in life where everything seems settled, and then the wind of change happens in our life, our shape becomes something we don't recognize, and we don't know how to deal with this new shape we are given. 

We adjust but the wind continues to blow and then we see something different. There are times we bring about the change because we become unhappy with our present situation and so we blow along with the wind like a balloon bouncing along in a current of ever-changing wind. I have watched people through the years that have faced adversity and came out shining like a diamond, they were changed but were better for it while others have crumbled under situations less arduous. 

Strength in the midst of a storm is something I greatly admire, I like a person who can "take a licking and keep on ticking"

I am on the inside of a family that has had its share of trouble, but we are still standing thanks to our God who has never left us, nor forsaken us.

All of us are in crisis situations of one kind or another. Some are facing financial ruin, others relationship troubles and family problems. I have two close friends that are each in a health crisis, others that have lost close friends due to stupid misunderstandings. 

What can make us all better, whole, healed, and able to face tomorrow? 

Jesus fed thousands with five loaves and two fishes and He turned water into wine. The Children of Israel were fed manna, given water from a rock, shade by day and fire by night. 

Philippians 4:11-13 the Apostle gives us some excellent advice: “I don't have a sense of needing anything personally. I've learned by now to be quite content whatever my circumstances. I'm just as happy with little as with much, with much as with little. I've found the recipe for being happy whether full or hungry, hands full or hands empty. Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am.” Verse 19-20, “You can be sure that God will take care of everything you need, his generosity exceeding even yours in the glory that pours from Jesus. Our God and Father abounds in glory that just pours out into eternity.”  

 A hymn by Charles A.Tindley says it all: When the storms of life are raging, stand by me, when the world is tossing me, like a ship upon the sea, Thou Who rulest wind and water, stand by me. 

Whatever is wrong, anchor yourself to the Rock and sing with joy to Him in thankfulness for saving you out of your troubles. 

Psalm 95:1 “Come; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.” Hebrews 13:8 “There should be a consistency that runs through us all. For Jesus doesn't change—yesterday, today, tomorrow, he's always totally himself.”

You can't change the direction of the wind; just let Jesus adjust your sails to get you through the storms of this life!

Posted By Harolene

Easter, Resurrection Sunday is here, and as my memories of Easter Sundays in the past bubble up one by one I first see myself as a four-year old with a little white purse which matched my white patent-leather shoes and frilly white dress, black curls glossy from all the brushing my mother gave them, all while telling me as I squirmed in pain, “Suffer for beauty’s sake, Leenie.” Well “Leenie” wasn’t caring enough for beauty to have her scalp yanked out by her over-zealous mother!

I remember the Easter right before my brother was born that my parents were holding a revival in Charleston, SC. Daddy had rented a space in a trailer park so we could be connected to power, however there was no toilet in that little trailer so my mother, who was a very sick pregnant lady and couldn’t keep anything on her stomach, made use of the pot which my dad so diligently carried out and kept clean. That Easter I shared my Easter basket with a little boy that I was very much in love with and I am friends with him to this day.

The Easter I was fifteen there was a lady in the church who decided to make an Easter dress for me, oh how I did not want her to do that! She hauled me down to the basement of the church and took my measurements much to my horror! Wearing that dress was one of the single most embarrassing days of my life! I had no choice of color or material so when I put on that bright pink dress made of some sort of stiff linen, complete with a wide belt that had a mother-of-pearl buckle, I felt completely humiliated. It didn’t fit me well and all I wanted to do was to go back into that church basement and hide!

Fast-forward to an Easter Sunday that was so special, it was the day I had my one-month old baby girl dedicated to the Lord!

Now with tears in my eyes I am thinking of Easter nine years ago, as my dad rolled his scooter out of the van to go into the church I stopped him and took a picture of him with my mother, how different it is now as they are both in heaven with the Jesus we celebrate!

I am wondering what might change between now and next year? All I know is that the risen, resurrected Jesus Christ holds my future in His hand and I am feeling pretty well blessed right now on this Easter 2022!