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The Word is life… therefore you shall live
Date: Mar 1, 2009 4:30:31 PM PST
Author: Tracing

Science are looking for the source of life. But we have found it

John 1:4 And the word was life

How much more happy are you as You live by the word of God? Your much happier! You know why? Because your designed to live by it. All life from the hidden life in a small seed to the eternal life in the human being. Has its source and its power from Gods eternal word. The Scriptures also declares that Mat 4:4 …/ Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God./ Gods Son is that Word, that gives the world life.
The Johns Gospel says that “ In Him was life” , - that is in the Logos. But you se it is not regarding life in Himself, but He had/have live, - as, - in His hand. To give to a whole world. This life means to have a life in complete happiness. This way of living is the normal experience for a human being. But the sin leads to death. In Sweden , my country ,- one have eradiated the word sin. Therefore we have experienced big unhappiness instead. We experience an unnormal situation of masses of peoples unhappiness.

Life and light is two major notions in Johns Gospel. And as they are the two essentials to the existence of human all life on earth. They are not the same thing. Because we can meet life on places where there’s no light. Ex the bottom of the deepest ocean. Those creatures living there doesn’t maintain there life from the light, but from the other organisms that are maintained by light and come as served from above to them. But as light and life are so essential. They have to have the same source. These two words represent the sum of all power and blessing.

But what do we mean with light in the spiritual meaning? Some speak about it as the reason of man, the working of the mans mind. Others mean that the light stands for the salvation and holiness. Or the clear insight of the morally good. That we know how to act to prove its good. Sometimes the best way to understand a notion is to speak of them as opposites, the contrary or the antithesis. How to understand it in such fashion?
Well think of all that Christ came to give as the huge contrary to what the sin, death and darkness brought.
The incarnation of Christ meant the commence of life and light in the world. What man where meant to be there was a need of light. And that light was in its many combined arrays gathered, and shining thru Christ.
An animal has also physical life and instinct. But man have also a moral light, and an intuitive notion of what’s going around. She no, - with little guidance ,- what is right and wrong. That’s why many feel bad automatically when whey do wrong. From many instances in the Bible we can see that man does wrong when they have done wrong. Here we think about the tragic event with the first pair hear on earth. That means that wrong begets wrong. And right begets right. It seems as if there is a power for begetting in everything. So there is in the life and in the light. So when You start to take in light, - Christ and the Word ,- You got to continue. You got to ask your self what does this mean. You got to reflect on your inside. And when the light is shining inside you it will like to come out in many different ways.

When You get so much from the Lord its easy to be kind. Its easy to be kind when your rich, when you have lots to give from. And you will have lots if you bath in the light. You will be strong in thought, will and action.

Don’t forget your best source for being happy, - the Word of God. And You shall be happy.
But I have done it so many times, you say. Yes… and you have been happy many times. So you have learnt. Go there and be happy again.
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