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Can you lose your salvation ( part 2)
Date: Mar 16, 2009 4:13:48 PM PDT
Author: Tracing

d. Can you live as a unsaved person and still be saved
But can you live with a lack of conviction of your salvation and devotion to the Lord, and still be saved. I believe you can do that. And what are the implications and that. You might have slowly faded away from the zeal of the Lord.. That means that you have and haven’t lost what you have. But you have destroyed the benefit that follows with it.

Because salvation is not only to be saved from something. That is: from eternal alienation to God and by that a torment that means to be without His blessed light and in that the blessed life and fellowship, - to an eternal being that needs that to feel well, - and see others have it in overflowing measure. IN heaven every good thing is drawn from Christ.
Salvation is also salvation to something. And this can’t either be earned. But it must be retained by grace. It must be taken care of, and made to develop. Because God has a plan for your life that you have to acknowledge. If you don’t, you will be poor the whole eternity. Poor in everything that the eternal heavenly life would have given you.

e. The only time you can lose salvation is when you as a child of God , sin against the Holy Spirit
Due to the fact that information is short, about the matter. There’s many ideas about this. What is sin against Holy Spirit. From the passage where its spoken of you can read that those who where in danger of sinning against the Holy Spirit , where those who had seen all the wonders works of God thru Jesus Christ and still hardened there heart against the appealing and calling “pull” there was in those works.
One can say it was for those people as if they sinned in Heaven. They sin again the original sin that satan did. Satan as the steward of this earth , before his fall stood before the heavenly throne often, and made a report to God from his stewardship over the planet earth. And still denied the sovereignty of God by giving false report. He hardened his heart and made the expression that he had the right to make account for things on earth after his own double “account books.”
That is the same as when the Pharisees had seen all this miracles. They had seen the dead come to live. They had felt there own hearts be pricked by the Holy Spirit. In spite of that they meant that Jesus and the work that was done thru Him was evil. That it was done by the satan. That they do because they didn’t want to recognize any higher power then they self had made by there thoughts. That is sin that is knowingly what God is, trying to lie and manipulate direct against God, as satan did. To them there’s no salvation.
To be prepared for salvation. You have to be drawn by the Father to Christ. You have to , - by the Holy Spirit , - see a dark sinful world and a bright wonderful fault free world. And you have to be willing to go from one world to the other one. And the means is forgiveness of sin and rebirth to partly and then step by step,- live in the faultless world.

Tracing in Blessing


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