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Can you lose your salvation( Part 1)
Date: Mar 16, 2009 4:10:02 PM PDT
Author: Tracing

a. Is it possible to lose your salvation?
b. If you CAN lose it, how does that happen?
c. Having lost your salvation, can it be regained?

Bases for this discussion is (Eph 3:18-19; Rom 11:33)
a. Is it possible to lose your salvation?
We have to go thru a few verses to cover this. Some of them are obviously speaking about that we always have Lord with us, And not only that He will never depart from us, and even nothing will be a load of Him to depart us from His love.(Rom 8:39; Math 28:20; Jhn 10;28-30; If Christ died for us, so we could be saved, and we are predestined to be saved, and we are chosen before the creation of the world to be saved. How can we then be lost. Either we have to interpret this as a assurance of that we will surly spend eternity with Him. And nothing will change that. We can’t lose when we ones have gained salvation/New birth by water and spirit. Or we will interpret it as He will love us even if we spend eternity with Him or not. That means He love us in eternity even if we do wrong and end up in wrong place. But if we don’t recive His love we have no benefit from in eternity. One thing is clear. We shall exist in eternity. The question is how? But the lord will do His work. Rom 8:30

If you CAN lose it, how does that happen?
If you look at C. you see that you can’t lose salvation. What is it that makes you unsure that you then are saved? Some of us that doubting there salvation, have never been there
If you doubt that you’re saved. How do you know that you’re saved?
You have the fellowship with the Spirit of the Lord. And that you know by the fact that you governed in the daily life by His Spirit. Rom 8:14 For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. As every thing works for good for those that loves God. Then they will also be able to retain His peace. Hebr 12:14
c. Having lost your salvation, can it be regained?
This together with the verses that speaks about that Christ can’t be crucified twice for our sins. Hebr 6:1-6 Speaks about this and there’s been a lot of debate. It speaks about that backsliders, they that falls away from the Lord. Can’t be brought back to union with God again. Because it crucifies the Lord again. But the whole Hebrew letter is written to help Christians to be preserved in the Lord.. And one issue in this matter is to know, that if we fall we have to raise again and follow the Lord afresh/again. We have to repent and strive forward.
What are those then that “fall away from the Lord”. That is those that continue in this state and does not repent. Doesn’t recognize there sin and turn to the Lord. Instead they continue in sin. Again it becomes there state of mind and spirit to “gladly live as unsaved person
For them there’s only the masters cleansing fire to await.
So if we doubt. There’s no use to try to make it over again. Either its done and you always have it. Or it’s never done and you have to do it in the first place. Everything God has done for us in Christ for that matter is once and for all times. And we have to stay in it even if we fail and do wrong thing by mistake.
What about Judas who betrayed the Lord. He tried to repent, but he didn’t repent until he saw the doors of hell. That is an other thing. Judas sinned against the Holy Spirit. And that is the only sin that is not forgiven. It is as if we sinned in heaven. It is to know and believe, and have seen everything like Judas have done, - and still chose to sin.

To be continued

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