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God give me a penitent heart
Date: Feb 11, 2009 5:08:34 PM PST
Author: Tracing

How much of the worlds problem depends on this problem
Lord only You can give a real penitent heart
Give me a penitent heart

2Kron 7:14, 1 Joh 1:8 - 10

I did something bad today. Or I mean I did realise I had done something bad in the past.
I felt very bad the whole evening. Got a letter in the morning, that I have waited fore, - with a message I didn’t thought should be like that. It stirred up my whole day running to one place then to an other trying to put things right.
I thought the whole world was against me. On one of the places I visited I got an reaction that I didn’t thought was me. It was very sad, angry, tired on the cud corrupt society
- I thought. That reaction came in spite of the fact that the first place I went to I was received with good grace. A man fitted my personality perfect and he listened to me in a very good way. That was God reflected. Because He knew my trouble and wanted to help and comfort me. Still I continued to the next place full of “spiritual guns” in my chest. It didn’t went well. Only for Gods grace I didn’t cross any lines. I have a very strong will and in younger days my temper was something I don’t want to talk about here.
I felt a restraining force inside my chest all the time when I thought I have to tell them a certain thing they had got completely behind the backbone. It was not a pleasant meeting. But still God was also there.

When I came home I was completely exhausted. And I have to sit looking just right in front of me the whole evening. I lied down on bed and turn head against the wall. And when all outer impressions on my mind was gone something became big in my inner world. I didn’t realize then that God was speaking. But I knew that what I knew then that I had done in the past must be wrong according to bible standard. I did an decision that this was not the person I wanted to be and started to pray.

As I was praying I realized my shallowness. I got sad about my own shallow reaction to my own knowledge on a very serious sin in my life. Sin is always serious. And there is no big or small sins. This was serious to me. It was not me. I don’t use to do like that. That’s was the reason that I had put it under cover a few month ago. I could neglect it because that … no that was not me, I thought. Not my normal behaviour, I thought. I could deny it for my self.

I fell on my knees and my first prayer was, - God give me a penitent heart. And once a gain I asked for forgiveness.
A relive in my inner person made me say thank You God that I know you have heard and forgiven me.

Why do I tell this incident to you. Because I experienced something that happens quite often to people, - to Gods children. We think we are to God to be sinners. If we get very clear proof that we are. We tend to cover it. And the best help we can get is to get a penitent heart.

It’s a great gift. Without it we will have a big surprise one day. It will come surly as the letter comes with the postman.
Thank U for listening




Something BAD?
Date: Feb 12, 2009 6:26:16 AM PST
Author: Harolene

On every level I think that we all do things on an everyday basis that would be consindered, by someone somewhere, as bad. Only God can judge us for real. When you HAVE done something that you know in your own heart of hearts is wicked then you did the very right and correct thing. God is near a "contrite heart and a broken spirit"...according to the Bible! You become a bigger person when you can realize that you have been wrong and apologize to God! Thanks for being real!

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