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I am opening this, after two years, because I have some very opinionated friends! I would like to have a place to discuss, agree, disagree, at will! If you would like to open a subject, feel free! You can become a member of the forum! Ready? Set? Talk!
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This has always intrest me (View)
Date: Jun 19, 09 2:30 PM

To me, the beginning of the Gospel of John says it all, "In the beginning was the Word.." As we study this book together,I invite questions and comments on anything that you think is important, or something that is revealed to you through this Word. You are welcome to jump in at anytime! Join the Forum family!
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The Word is lifeā€¦ therefore you shall live (View)
Date: Mar 01, 09 4:30 PM

I am entering a poem written by Amanda Carroll for a friend leaving to serve in Iraq, what can YOU do?
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Date: Mar 10, 09 6:00 AM


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